Protein aggregation analysis

Understanding protein stability and aggregation is a major challenge within protein research and pharmaceutical development. We have the tools to shed light on this complex scientific problem.

The Q-Sense QCM-D technology is a real-time, label free technique for analyzing how proteins interact with surfaces or other molecules. This surface sensitive technique provides information about both protein interactions and structural changes. The Q-Sense Omega Auto is a fully programmable, low volume instrument to minimize hands-on time and sample use. The 8-channel system increases throughput and reproducibility.

Real-time protein analysis:
• Surface induced protein aggregation
• Protein/surface interactions related to container/closure materials
• Protein interactions with other molecules, drugs, membranes, etc.
• Effect of parameters such as excipients, temperature and pH

 To find out more, please read our application notes on proteins and pharmaceuticals and search for scientific articles in our publication database.


QCM-D principle and applications


Learn about the QCM-D principle and see some application examples in this animation.